450 from Paddington (PDF)

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  • 450 from Paddington
  • Agatha Christie
  • English
  • 05 November 2018
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450 from Paddington review å 3 Agatha Christie Á 3 download Who figured out where the body was hidden and then showed Scotland Yard how to trap the killerOriginally published as 450 From Paddington Britain and serialized as Eye Witness to Murde.

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450 from Paddington

450 from Paddington review å 3 Agatha Christie Á 3 download Fascinated the end came The body went limp and crumpled in the man's handsNobody believed Mrs McGillicuddy because there was no corpseNobody that is except an old lady named Jane Marple. This classic Marple story gets an F from meFast Fun Fantastic

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450 from Paddington review å 3 Agatha Christie Á 3 download She was the only witness to a murderStanding with his back to her was a man His hands were around a woman's throat He was slowly relentlessly strangling her As Mrs McGillicuddy watched. The truth is people are an extraordinary mixture of heroism and cowardice I don t really want to consider Miss Marple s character a flaw in itself but not only I don t particularly connect with her she wasn t even present most of the time Since the figure of the detective is one of the things I consider and value the most in a crime novel I was disappointed Long story short long live my favourite Belgian egghead This investigation ran so long It just dragged on and on for 200 pages without moving forward in the slightest It doesn t happen to me very often with this kind of books but this time around I have no choice but admit that I was bored to tears Another thing about detective fiction that makes me fall head over heels every single time is the long explanation that takes place at the end of the story whodunit style the so called d nouement In Christie s novels the d nouement is usually long and unbelievably satisfying I always enjoy it even when I didn t like how the investigation was carried out In 450 from Paddington the whole thing is explained in two measly pages I found it anticlimactic and underwhelmingDefinitely not the best Christie s out there