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  • 27 March 2018
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READ É Matters Familiar READ & DOWNLOAD Matters Familiar Ky history between mother and son Laura's chrome blue eyes summarized her and their concern Tiffany ueensberry budding athlete from Intentional Walk Drills Camps Videos Special coaching The rants 'Trophy Tiffany ' 'Scholarship Tiffany' 'The Olympics Tiffany' It's not bad enough that we play half the year She drifted away lost in her laced fingers What if I'm not that good I mean like they all want What then Pearl O Mutter retired cowgirl from The Jewel of Genoa She walked around the other vacant bed and stood behind the half closed door finding herself in the full length mirror Even after all this time she still couldn't believe her eyes In another glass she'd seen a strong brown woman with auburn locks eyes that danced over a nose that drew breath awake and alive than asleep and a grin prone mouth Sturdy frame in a faded denim shirt Levi's and rough out boots A woman familiar with the essences of lime sweat and just singed cowhide than with those of Paris Sinewy forearms and gnarled hands with the veins knots and calluses standard on the wife of a working cattle feeder All she could find now were the eyes if she allowed it and the hands which she couldn't help Where did she go Pearl asked herself Well I'm going t' find her again and the lookin' starts now Decline to State sexual athlete in MedalistsHe feigned interest in the pool rules as she lowered herself into the sanitized froth Their heads and eyes moved in non synchronous orbits Wait Wait Now Discreetly he tucked in his TYR Heatwaves Male Racers to accentuate his genitals He stood grasped the handrail and climbed hesitating on the top step Slowly his eyes moved to her fingertips lingered at her tennis bracelet and glided up her arm into her pupils Violet real or lenses John Doe accident and amnesia victim in MeridianJohn sagged at his armpits over the parallel bars panting and aching from every pore; the area between his hip sockets and. I love me a good collection of short stories and that is what EG Fabricant has given us in MATTERS FAMILIAR A collection of 12 contemporary stories each exploring an aspect of family relationships This anthology gives us glimpses of the different ways we parent Fabricant dishes up in one tale a helicopter parent whose very attention threatens to stifle her child s development in another he gives us a mother too paralysed by loss and fear to provide any meaningful emotional structure to her son We explore the relationships between siblings and cousins between friends and team matesThis is an anthology dedicated to the ties that bind holding a mirror up to the way we live our lives and the people with whom we populate them some by choice others through the obligations of bloodI enjoyed this collection very much Thank you

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Matters Familiar

READ É Matters Familiar READ & DOWNLOAD Matters Familiar From Matters Familiar E G Fabricant's first short story anthology a rogues' gallery of featured characters mostly in their own words Ashley Butterworth precocious six year old from Ashley AlertShe pushed her ginger curls away from her ear and laid it carefully against the door and listened All right She clapped her hands and suealed thought better of it and almost as uickly shushed herself She sailed into the room and onto her trundle bed one knee aboard and a straight leg trailing She glimpsed the lacy blouse pinafore and Mary Janes on her image in the mirror and frowned I hate me Why do I have to be so girly all the time Chad Wilcomb local beat reporter and single father from Boys Will Be MenCan Mommy come live with us againChad Wilcomb's shoulders sagged as he switched off the coffeemaker He turned His six year old's eyes shimmered above his cereal bowl like tiny blue Christmas balls Chuckie we've been over this a million times in the last three years No; Mommy's not going to live with us anyChuckie frowned into his milk I don't like two houses and Mrs Sherwatter she smells funny Mommy has day care; she doesn't need no babysitter at night Halston Kohlfeldt life and morality challenged human from ChosenHalston sighed slung his backpack and headed for the door dogged by the usual exchanges of nudges and murmurs Adrianna Wong caught him by the elbow in the hallway Hey Aristotle Gonna pick up from last year and start the fall semester of '97 as the designated deep thinker of the Class of '99His wan smile breached the embarrassment Yeah I guess Jim and Cary Ellison self imprisoned siblings from GeminiJim looked at Laura the baby as his little brother Cary all six and a half feet of him embraced the rostrum The meadow of blue gray and oddly strawberry heads that had known them all as children stirred slightly as if anticipating a chilly gust fed no doubt each by their own recollections of the roc. Book ReviewImpressionsThere s something that warms the cockles of the heart when you enjoy the written work of seasoned writers The elegant elouent yet laid back style of prose warms the heart and coddles the soul This read is like enjoying an American classic filled with memoirs of a 60s classic montage done in suburban family social studies Every gem in this read stands alone as a reminder of what matters mostStorytelling written in the casual style of Midcentury America always prompts recollections of small towns nestled within rust belts Part of the Route 66 Conoco commercial memoirs And these characterizations ring true to that period of slow awakenings and troubled times amongst families The short titled Chosen is my favorite A gentle nod to Sci Fi it is poignant Wrapped within the greater work composed of common emotional and drama it holds a brief view of what if It rolls like thisWhat if the seemingly homeless man daily ignored and invisible is a being who serves as steward of humanity and scout for others born to the cause A brilliant simple tale that is brilliantly written Halston spun around on his seat For the first time he noticed that a smattering of the throng two dozen maybe were wearing sunglasses He honed in on a few of them As they met his gaze they glanced briefly at Will and opened their collars Each revealed an amulet all identical Some opened nearby children s collars showing the same thing Halston returned to Will from Matters Familiar E G FabricantCritiues I absolutely love a good storyteller better that anything almost I enjoyed the read The flow is surprisingly easy the cadence is well done going from one short to the nest To the author these are truly matters familiarGenre General audiences Drama Americana Buying Sites


READ É Matters Familiar READ & DOWNLOAD Matters Familiar Slippers was jellyC'mon John; two steps and we'll call it a day Coretta stood at the end beckoning him with both handsOh Jesus Coretta it hurts so badCoretta flushed and straightened up If you'd call His name in a helpful rather than a hurtful way you'd be dancin' by Friday night I guarantee Hank and Harry Martz sentenced to life as brothers from PallbearerHarry clamped his arms around Hank's waist as much as their bulky clothing permitted and sucked in a breath He buried his cheek in big brother's shoulder blade knocking his leather visor askew and filling his inside eye with a damp lambs wool earflap He knew he'd be mocked but it would be worth it He liked the sensation of falling blind but was desperate for the closeness Jay Johannesen big time LA divorce lawyer from Pipe DreamI'll make you a deal Jay shaped the offer with his hands Spend Thursday with me; audit a practice day and show me some Zen techniues I can use to lower my emotional temperature I'll pay you my hourly rate What do you say Pettirosso Petey DiCappello small time Jersey soldato in Robbin' HoodThe furrows above Pettirosso Petey DiCappello's mono brow plotted all his meager concentration intent on the fiberboard tray between his porcine hands His lips formed unuttered words as he left Italian People's to cross Butler Lemmesee two milk one sugar; one cream no sugar; one double mocha half caf He blinked That Billy What a fessacchione coffee is coffee right John uincy Jack uisenberry officeholder under investigation in Term LimitJack resumed his dark reverie How did it come to this he wondered Military combat pilot High concept marriage Business credentials Three Assembly terms as a journeyman moderate Elected and re elected to a third rail office to which I brought management skills and God forbid results Now I'm probably a fortnight away from being run out of Sacramento and without benefit of electorate unlike the other guy. This book is a collection of 12 stories by E G Fabricant I really enjoyed reading them Each story was uniue in circumstance and characters I felt the author did a good job building the characters and I really liked the storylines It was refreshing to find a collection that was very interesting without wild fantasies or bizarre gimmicksI received my copy of this book free through Netgalley