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characters Kassandras Kinks

Kassandras Kinks

characters Kassandras Kinks Free download Kassandras Kinks 105 characters ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Kassandra Stone Kassandra Stone can write it all Sweet and sexy or rough and hard you’ll be amazed at these hardcore erotica shorts that reach scorching on the temperature meter If you want rough gangbangs you’ve got it Steamy anal sex It’s in here too Reluctant or willing all of Stone’s characters are sure to please 1 Deep Tissue Massage A Very Rough Gangbang Short Alice is in trouble She’s been embezzling money from her sexy boss but when she realizes Russel is willing to take sexual favors instead of a conviction she’s eager to please It all starts out wonderful but suddenly everything changes Russell gets very rough and if that wasn’t enough he’s invited a bunch of friends to help him punish the little thief Alice will have her first anal sex rough double teaming and her first double penetration 2 Caught in the Hotel Room A Very Rough Gangbang Short Tess is excited Score Between the cash the gold coins and the luxury watch she’s found almost twenty thousand dollars’ worth of loot in the hotel room she’s robbing This little burglar won’t know what hit her though because the men come back and the very rough gangbang that follows isn’t going to be easy on her It includes de.

characters ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Kassandra Stone

characters Kassandras Kinks Free download Kassandras Kinks 105 characters ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Kassandra Stone Her man Antonia will need to be there so she reluctantly goes along Of course she had no idea that the evening would result in a foursome with her best friend and both dates including her first lesbian sex date swapping rough deep throat and orgasms all around Warning This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of a various sexual encounters It includes first anal sex nipple pinching reluctant sex rough sex deep throat lesbian sex mff ménage sex slapping spanking double penetration and semen swallowing It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults Here is a preview from Deep Tissue Massage Russell rubbed me gently and I smiled up at him I was amazed at how good the massage was I also was amazed because I was completely naked and he was rubbing my back rubbing my legs and he hadn’t even tried anything else I figured I should probably get the show on the road so I turned around lifted myself up reached forward and unzipped his pants When his cock came free I thought it was beautiful It was long and thick and I flicked at the tip with my tongue Then I opened my mouth up a little and took the head in He groaned.

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characters Kassandras Kinks Free download Kassandras Kinks 105 characters ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Kassandra Stone Ep throat rough first anal sex and double penetration 3 Bridal Party Blues A Rough Double Penetration Short Moira is dismayed to find that two of the groomsmen are old clients of hers It wouldn’t be a problem except she’s the maid of honor and she and the bride used to be call girls The groomsmen are perfectly willing to keep the secret but Moira is going to have to submit to their every desire and their desires in this case are for a very rough double team sex encounter complete with rough sex deepthroat and double penetration 4 Wyatt’s Roadside Assistance An Mfff Group Sex Erotica Short Aimee and her friends have planned for their summer trip for a long time and now that it’s come they’re ecstatic When they find themselves stranded at a travel stop by two flat tires though their vacation comes to a crashing haltunless they’re willing to give Wyatt what he wants Wyatt wants threethree mouths three pussies and three sets of breasts And he wants to make sure the mfff group sex encounter includes Aimee’s very first lesbian sex experience 5 Blind Date Foursome A Group Sex Short Antonia doesn’t really want to go out on a blind date but in order for her friend Donna to get.

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  1. says: characters Kassandras Kinks EBOOK or PDF (Kassandras Kinks) À Kassandra Stone Kassandra Stone ✓ 5 Download

    EBOOK or PDF (Kassandras Kinks) À Kassandra Stone Kassandra's Kinks is a five story anthology with lots of variety of HOT STEAMY sexual encounters but all of them are totally lacking in plot character development to the point they are only short sex scenes Stories Deep Tissue MassageCaught in the Hotel RoomBridal Party BluesWyatt's Roadside ServiceBlind Date Foursome

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