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review õ Daisy Kenyon 104 Their story is told against a political and economic background where people and events that have become familiar pass in review while Daisy struggles to rationalize the problems brought about by her attachment to the two m. After enjoying the movie based on this novel for years I decided to go to the source I bought an edition published in the 1940s so I feel completely in the era So far I recognize some of the dialogue that is lifted verbatim from the novel Also there is much material that was left out of the movie I can see why

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review õ Daisy Kenyon 104 Ishman who has risen to the top of his profession but who finds little satisfaction in his private life Peter Lapham edits a magazine for which Daisy has done illustrations and meeting her in his work falls violently in love. My copy dates from 1945 the year of first publication printed with narrow margins to make the most efficient use of the publisher s paper ration The dust jacket offers the title as Daisy Kenyon An Historical Novel of 1940 1942 the subtitle an odd one for a book published in 1945 does not appear on the title page or anywhere else inside the book itself October 1940At 32 Daisy Kenyon appears to be a fully liberated woman supporting herself as a successful illustrator living independently in New York City She has engaged in an eight year affair with a wealthy married man Dan O Mara but dates other men and has an active social life exclusive of Dan The novel opens with the unexpected encounter between Dan and a new acuaintance of Daisy Pete Lapham a widower who will prove significant in Daisy s lifeview spoilerThis novel is basically a romance the love story of Daisy and Pete who need to figure out how their marriage is going to be sustained once Pete is drafted and goes to war But Janeway throws in a lot of additional material which complicates a reader s reactions and leaves the novel feeling somewhat unfocused A lot of time is spent on a mission Dan a corporate utility lawyer undertakes to get backing for a new airplane engine design developed by a British American inventor We also spend some significant time with Dan at home engaging in constant conflict with his wife Lucille and seeing their two daughters serve as a battleground for the conflict These serve to give us sympathy for Dan but are rather too long especially the airplane engine material Also too long is an extended Summer of 1941 idyll on Martha s Vineyard in which Daisy and Pete try to cram a lifetime of marriage into a single season Modern readers will be struck by the theme of masculine violence which is present in the opening scene between Daisy and Dan touched on throughout the novel and reaches a climax in the last third of the book This theme is subtly effectively reinforced by the ever heavier weight of the inevitability of war Janeway never hammers home this connection which is why she manages to get away with making the climactic act of personal violence Dan s rape of Daisy coincide with the attack on Pearl Harbor without it seeming at all heavy handedThere is a wonderful contrast between two scenes In one early in the novel Daisy stood up by Pete and with Dan out of town spends a warm sunny October Sunday by herself wandering around New York City from Union Suare to Central Park and down Fifth Avenue It is a wonderful recreation of a time and place and gives a great sense of Daisy s independence and self sufficiency After the rape there s another scene of Daisy alone in the city On an overcast December evening she wanders empty streets in the 40s between Third Avenue and the Hudson A sense of threat hangs over every sentence every man is a menace and fear blocks out all other emotionsViewed externally Pete seems a real pussycat even so than Mac Daisy s actual cat kind considerate gentle but when Janeway gives us a look into his thoughts when Daisy hints that could seek some non combatant military role in the upcoming war his reaction seems almost psychopathic He looked over at her He could feel the anger beginning to rise again except that this was worse This was bad She was being logical He had given her the right to be that logical he supposed She was thinking and talking about him as if he were he had a sudden flash of intuition as if he were a woman and part of the weaker sex His face suddenly flushed and he put his hands on the edge of the table In that moment he might have done nothing but push himself back from it and walk out of the restaurant Or he might have tipped it over against her pinning her underneath and hurting her as much as he possibly could with one simple act and the weapons at hand 134 5 Whoa But that s like introducing a gun and then never having it fired we never see Pete actually engage in violence and where the volcanic rage comes from is never examined in the novelWhile the violence of men seems like an enlightened topic for 1945 and a relevant subject today the portrayal of Daisy s coming to terms with Dan s violence against her is outrageous She pretty much shoulders half the blame but the exact nature of her responsibility is unclear even to her She should have pressed Dan for marriage or she should have ended the affair early on or never allowed it to start As it is the affair caused Lucile to hate her and Dan married to Lucile had partaken of some share in that hate alongside his love for Daisy Elaborate justifications are erected and affirmed in Daisy s mind to relieve Dan of the full responsibility for his action External liberation it turns out is a cinch compared with inner liberation but I don t think that is Janeway s intended theme hide spoiler

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review õ Daisy Kenyon 104 From jacket flapThree people Daisy Keyon Dan O'Mara and Peter Lapham are trying to find happiness and a way of life in the confused world of this decade Daisy is thirty two attractive and single Dan her lover is a Fordham Ir. I have a strong attraction to the 1940 s The fashions hairstyles music films of that signal decade resonate aesthetically and psychologically with me Amongst books popular during that time span I have discovered many wonderful writers such as Olive Higgins Prouty John Maruand Louise Dickinson Rich and Ben Ames Williams Now I add Elizabeth Janeway to that list I came to Daisy Kenyon through the 1947 film of the same name starring Joan Crawford Dana Andrews and Henry Fonda as the three protagonists The film fascinated me and led me to its sourceDaisy Kenyon was published in 1945 at war s end but much of the action takes place in 1940 and 1941 before the US has entered what appears to nearly all the novel s characters to be an inevitable global conflict The characters are not particularly young but mature men and women with strong personalities and decided histories Daisy is 32 a fashion and commercial artist Her work is not glamourized perhaps it s greatest boon is that she enjoys it and the hours are flexible She scrambles for jobs but has made herself and secure over the eight years she has been in New York Those eight years have been dominated by her relationship to her married lover Dan O Mara a hard working hard drinking deep thinking Wall Street lawyer in his early forties with a near hysterical wife at home in their plush Manhattan apartment and two adolescent girls he dotes on The hopelessness of the situation is apparent from page one of the novel as is Daisy s growing recognition that she must extricate herself from it although she truly loves Dan The writing is discreet but the mutual physical passion palpable conveyed in a sentence or two of action far effective than a page of explicit description would have beenDialogue is compelling in pace and cadence and true to the characters the use of strong language from Dan surprised me in a book from 1945 Much of the entire novel is built on extended conversations between players and they are riveting both in range and scope discussions of the coming war and Dan s efforts to secure a new superior fighter engine for the Army Air Corps juxtaposed with intense searching verbal explorations between romantic players Into these restless on the edge situations world teetering on the brink of war Daisy knowing she must end it with Dan and claim a satisfying life for herself enters Peter Lapham Because Daisy and Dan can t be seen in public together Daisy goes out with other men on occasion to movies dinner or dancing Pete is one such beau the art editor of one of the magazines Daisy works for He is someone to pass the time with until Dan can show up again but while they are out Daisy notes what a good time she is having with him and that tellingly They dance well together They stay out until nearly dawn and she asks Peter to call her later in the weekend and take her to a football game He neglects to do so and she is surprised by how much this hurts But soon Peter is back and Daisy must make the choice between clinging to an unsatisfying past or moving forward to the possibility of future happiness This is a subtle echo of the larger theme of the book some refuse to believe war is really coming to the US and prefer to cling to neutrality One of the truly interesting things about reading Daisy Kenyon is that it now feels like historical fiction peopled as it is with references to FDR James Forrestal Secretary of the Navy and Secretary of State Edward Stettinius which lend additional freshness and veracity to the telling I researched both of these latter men and learnt that both died young in 1949 Forrestal by his own hand and Stettinius of heart attack the strain of the war exacting two victimsIt is here that the film and novel deviate and dramatically I can t imagine that Elizabeth Janeway was happy with what Hollywood did to the middle and concluding portions of her novel they obviously did not have faith that the sheer power of her storytelling would compel the viewer the way the reader was compelled this was a best seller and justly so The interior world of Daisy Dan and to a lesser extent Peter is so richly drawn that we feel ourselves changing along with them coming to the same conclusions making the same discoveries about self and others I cannot praise this excellent novel enough and promise it will repay your efforts to find and read it