The Mountain and the Valley [Free E–pub]

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  • The Mountain and the Valley
  • Ernest Buckler
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  • 07 September 2018
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Read & download é The Mountain and the Valley 102 Focus and its poignant themeSet in the years leading up to World War II and against the backdrop of the Annapolis Valley’s natural beaut. It feels rude to give a book fewer stars because the protagonist is the worst but also the protagonist is the worst Language is lovely but pettiness runs through the novel like an underground river

Summary The Mountain and the ValleyThe Mountain and the Valley

Read & download é The Mountain and the Valley 102 Hat sets him apart from his family and his neighbours David’s desire to write is the secret that gives this haunting story its detailed. I understand that this is a Canadian classic but I honestly wonder whether or not that s simply because we don t have much of anything else in our cultural canon This was not an enjoyable book in the slightest In fact I spent most of the time being completely disgusted by what I was readingIt seemed like Ernest Buckler was attempting to write Anne of Green Gables but for men It has many of the same story beats and follows a coming of age narrative but the tone is infinitely bleak and depressing Not in a way that conveys some sort of greater meaning though It feels like Buckler was trying to make a grand statement about what manhood was and the disappointing reality of having to grow up and be responsibleThe book lacks any kind of realistic feminine perspective whatsoever I would know you know being a woman and knowing that I have never once in my whole life thought the way that any of the female characters in the novel do All the girls were either docile and brainless wives shrew harpy women infantilized to the point of concern or whores It was possibly the least relatable text I ve ever encountered I was talking to my mother about it and she actually said that she had the exact same experience when she read the book in university herself The male characters are near constantly talkingthinking about their genitalia how horny they are and peeing I wish I was lying it was so painful to have to get through I have no understanding of why this was included I don t believe Buckler wanted me to and honestly I don t want to myselfSpoilers past this pointThere were a few points where if I had not had to read this for a class I would have abandoned the book completely 1 There are several instances of sexual assault The brother s girlfriends are always uncomfortable with the idea of having sex with them but they keep insisting to the point of coercion If you read the book and want to argue this point with me you re already part of the problem I m not sorry2 When the older brother of the family Chris complains in his thoughts about how his wife doesn t seem as pretty or sweet after she just had a miscarriage We re supposed to be sympathetic towards this man who repeatedly forced himself on this girl and then is depressed when he is forced to take responsibility for these actions and marry her trapping him 3 The main character s girlfriend dies of cancer and he then has sex with her mother Once again I wish I was making this up I am notTLDR Just because something is old and has come to be a classic by proximity that doesn t mean that it is any good Ernest Buckler put a No Girls Allowed sticker on this book and I m glad to let him just have it because I would like to distance myself as much as possible from this awful awful story

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Read & download é The Mountain and the Valley 102 The Mountain and the Valley is an affectionate portrait of David Canaan a sensitive boy who becomes increasingly aware of the difference t. I loved this book both for the uality of the writing and the sensitively drawn characters This book touched me at a deep personal level which is the reason I give it 5 stars The story is centred on a family and the community they live in within a valley The valley is where they all live but it the mountain that represents their own struggles with personal demons and fears Each one is scarred and flawed in some way and yet each one is needed David feels things painfully because he overthinks things His intelligence does not compensate him for physical weakness a heart condition from birth possibly until at the end of life when he recognises that he also has something to giveThe story is separated into sections the title of each signifying the major theme of that section The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden end of life when he recognises that he also has something to giveThe story is separated into sections the title of Barnum's Own Story: The Autobiography of P. T. Barnum each signifying the major theme of that section