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  • Moral Imagination
  • David Bromwich
  • English
  • 15 August 2020
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David Bromwich Å 4 Download Moral Imagination Read & Download Ð 4 Principled work of persuasion against slavery in the 1850s the erosion of privacy in America under the influence of social media and the use of euphemism to shade and anesthetize reactions to the global war on terror Throughout Bromwich considers the relationship between language and power and the insights language may offer into the corruptions of power Moral Imagination captures the singular voice of one of the most forceful thinkers working in America today. David Bromwich s collection of essays have stood the test of time for the most part and those that seem dated are interesting in their reflection of what we were thinking at a certain point in time I particularly appreciated his essays on Lincoln and his insights into Edmund Burke and Richard Price I loved the idea of Lincoln and Whitman as representative Americans but Lincoln then clearly rises above the moral average and Whitman s iconoclastic nature makes him a difficult fit So Bromwich did not prove his point but I think it was the wrong point from the start If we take Lincoln and Whitman instead as models of the moral imagination of his title they stand tall Even Burke might agree

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Moral Imagination

David Bromwich Å 4 Download Moral Imagination Read & Download Ð 4 S to the psychology of the heroes of classic American literatureBromwich demonstrates that moral imagination allows us to judge the right and wrong of actions apart from any benefit to ourselves and he argues that this ability is an innate individual strength rather than a socially conditioned habit Political topics addressed here include Edmund Burke and Richard Price's efforts to define patriotism in the first year of the French Revolution Abraham Lincoln's. Very interesting some of the earlier essays were a little dense like reading philosophy others were easier to grasp without slowing down I particularly liked the ones on Lincoln Also the one where he talks about the American psychosis of individualism and how it was abetted by Emerson s essay Self Reliance I ve never read what amounts to almost a take down of Emerson it was kind of funIn the last section clearly many of the essays were written during the BushCheney years and it was surprising how disheartening I found it to go back to those days and his essay on Edward Snowden was great it s sad how little really has improved in our national security stateI just skipped the last essay thoughts on perpetual war because I didn t want to go there not that I expected to hate it or disagree with it I just didn t want to go thereSome of these will bear re reading but I am not going to do that right now so many other books waiting to be readFavorite uote from the title essay What I owe to people like me is a duty whose performance comes easily Carrying it out is like paying dues By contrast justice to those who are not my kind is surprising unrehearsed on his view which Shelley derived from Wordsworth s early poems and the preface to Lyrical Ballads the unlikely or remote the path of sympathy the surer the proof of moral imagination page 12

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David Bromwich Å 4 Download Moral Imagination Read & Download Ð 4 Spanning many historical and literary contexts Moral Imagination brings together a dozen recent essays by one of America's premier cultural critics David Bromwich explores the importance of imagination and sympathy to suggest how these faculties may illuminate the motives of human action and the reality of justice These wide ranging essays address thinkers and topics from Gandhi and Martin Luther King on nonviolent resistance to the dangers of identity politic. Great book There are slight sometimes interesting differences between the original essays and their republished versions herewith My favorite chapters include 0 the Preface 5 Lincoln s Constitutional Necessity 6 Shakespeare Lincoln and Ambition 8 How Publicity Makes People Real 10 What Is The West Niall Ferguson 11 Holy Terror Civilized Terror no hyperlink 121 Cheney s Law 122 Euphemism and American Violence 123 And this 1700 word essay on William Safire This highly critical 4400 word essay on Obama should have been included I wonder why it wasn t This essay on Hazlitt also should have been included because it s great