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  • In Absentia Rain Falls #2
  • Kelli Jae Baeli
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  • 10 November 2019
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In Absentia Rain Falls #2 Summary É 8 Wear off when things go wrong Not everyone is happy that India and Tegan are living in sweet lesbian bliss and not everyone thinks they should be left alone to wallow in it Christmas is just around the corner and its largesse this year is unparalleled It's up to India and Tegan to decide if these forced changes are gifts or just dirty lumps of co. Loved itI will say it I m truly enjoying this series all the characters are wonderful I will be reading the 3rd book soon

review In Absentia Rain Falls #2In Absentia Rain Falls #2

In Absentia Rain Falls #2 Summary É 8 Everyone is delighting in telling her most with decided approval and life is pretty much perfect work they both love a writer's cabin to call home the intense thrill of their passion for each other and no need to worry that Napoleon Fry or anyone one else will ruin any part of it But life's just not like that is it The shine isn't even starting to. Loved it Nice to see the relationship develop from book one Rain Falls

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In Absentia Rain Falls #2 Summary É 8 This is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00IVX77EKA Rain Falls Romantic Dramedy book 2Dammit but a happy ever after should last than a few months Not that India and Tegan are thinking too much about the future they're having far too good a time exploring well each other and that idyllic life neither thought would ever be theirs India's changed so. I enjoyed Rain Falls a great deal so was very excited to read the seuel Nothing could prepare me for the opening though Best start to a book ever It had me in stitches from the beginning These characters are so engaging I could read about their life foreverI hope there are further installments from Rain Falls