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  • How to lift depression ...Fast (The Human Givens Approach)
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characters ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Joe Griffin review How to lift depression ...Fast (The Human Givens Approach) ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook How to Lift Depressionis the most startling stimulating and uplifting book about depression ever written. I m a a huge fan of the entire Human Givens approach and this book is no exception Clearly articulated well written and to the point yet still packing enough information to help someone or yourself with depression without being overwhelmed if jargon or endless exercises Even as a reference it still has so much value and it has opened my eyes to the myths and misunderstandings regarding depression Highly recommended

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How to lift depression ...Fast (The Human Givens Approach)

characters ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Joe Griffin review How to lift depression ...Fast (The Human Givens Approach) ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Sleep cycle and leads to exhaustion and lack of motivation and therefore the sense that life is meaningf. This is a great book for anyone either suffering from depression themselves or concerned about another person who is going through it The authors begin by outlining some key themes to which they will return depression is not a biological illness there is a simple explanation for the feelings of dire exhaustion lack of motivation and tearfulness that accompany depression and they can usually be easily shifted understanding what depression really is is the first powerful step towards cure drugs are not the best treatment psychological approaches should not be painful effective counselling should make you feel better immediately not worse 75 per cent of people come out of depression with no help at all within six months and much uickly with the right kind of helpThey also note that Counsellors may be nice sympathetic and offer a listening ear but that alone rarely cures depression And those psychotherapists who endlessly explore your past and psychoanalyse it are known to make depression worse They describe the various symptoms that may indicate depression and then tell us that The monstrous life destroying experience of depression can be outwitted banished eliminated torpedoed totally annihilated by you Their approach is self help rather than relying on outside interventions such as drugs or therapy They describe CBT as flavour of the month and cumbersome The fact that depression has increased so strikingly in modern times affecting different people of different ages and in different cultures at different rates tells us something crucial about the nature of depression Genes just don t change that fast What has changed is our society It is the changing nature of our lives and the way we live them that now leaves so many of us struggling to cope and so susceptible to depressionCommunity ties have broken down people have less support from extended family and friend networks Divorce is common There are no jobs for life and people change jobs or even careers multiple times This unstable world is the basis for a great deal of doubt uncertainty and isolation which some people find very destructive to their mental healthThe authors take a very positive approach and argue that relief is within the sufferer s own hands They focus on practical things that you could do each day to help yourself feel better These include diet exercise sleep and stress reduction None of those things is radically new of course but I like the positive and encouraging tone of this book which I think would help someone feel that their mental health is at least to some degree in their own hands I think this is a healthier approach than believing in drugs and therapy and generally other people sorting it out for you Towards the end of the book they suggest watching out for signs that depression is returning as it may well do when further challenges preset themselves and taking action early to nip it in the budI recommend this book to anyone who is worried about a loved one and wants practical understandable ideas of what might help and I would also recommend it to someone going through depression themselves My only concern is that some people perhaps do need medical intervention and they might delay this if they think they can sort it all out themselves

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characters ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Joe Griffin review How to lift depression ...Fast (The Human Givens Approach) ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook It explains in a straightforward way why worrying about things going wrong in your life unbalances the. It is a good and useful book on depression The problem is the authors promise a simple and fast cure for depression that does not exist and that they do not provide The role of dreaming is explained but not connected to the proposed therapy Overall the human givens approach seems to me a sensible approach to depression And it is well explained in the book