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The Complete Atlantis Collection

characters The Complete Atlantis Collection 109 R Green Beret Eric Dane and the mysterious Sin Fen a woman with powers he can’t uite understand must track the mystical crystal skulls that have baffled scientists to use them as a weapon against the Shadow and unite with the gladiator and oracle to make a last stand for mankind ATLANTIS GATE “Some say the world will end in fire some say in ice” Thus Robert Frost warns the President of the Shadow at the beginning of Atlantis Gate before departing on a classified mission on the first nuclear submarine the USS Nautilus ASSAULT ON ATLANTIS The Shadow's latest assault on the planet left millions dead worldwide a widening gap in the ozone layer and a cloud of radioactive gas poisoning the atmosphere Former Green Beret Eric Dane believes his visions are messages instructing him on how to save the world from complete annihilation Now Dane and the crew of a US Navy research vessel embark on a dangers uest across space and time in a desperate gamble to change the fate of the earth BATTLE FOR ATLANTIS Washington DC is laid waste In Paris the swastika flies from the Eiffel Tower More than two billion are dead from the polar caps meltin.

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characters The Complete Atlantis Collection 109 Nt investigation into mysterious gates Near the end of of the Vietnam War Green Beret Eric Dane led a team of operatives deep into Cambodia and encountered a strange fog near the legendary city of Angkor Kol Ker His entire team disappears attacked by strange creatures out of the fog Only Dane survives to return ATLANTIS BERMUDA TRIANGLE In the present former Green Beret Eric Dane teams up with the mysterious Sin Fen a woman with powers he can’t uite understand to fight the dark Shadow threatening the world In the year 1000 AD a fearsome Viking Warrior must protect a Seer from Valkyries Kraken and other forces of legend and help her on a uest that connects through mysterious gates to Dane’s battle in the present ATLANTIS DEVIL'S SEA In 1937 Amelia Earhart is on the most dangerous leg of her round the world flight near the Devil’s Sea A dark Shadow rises in front of her and swallows her and her plane never to be seen again Until the present when Eric Dane leads his team against the Shadow threatening our present world and unites with her And in the present the Ring of Fire around the planet ignites threatening the planet Forme.

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characters The Complete Atlantis Collection 109 The COMPLETE 6 volume ATLANTIS SERIES by NY Times Bestselling Author West Point Graduate and former Green Beret Bob Mayer Download all six books in one click at than half the price of buying each one individually The Atlantis Series is a #1 Science Fiction Bestseller on Kindle “Spell binding Will keep you on the edge of your seat Call it techno thriller call it science fiction call it just terrific story telling” Terry Brooks #1 NY Times Bestselling author of the Shannara series and Star Wars Phantom Menace What if the Shadow that destroyed Atlantis 10000 years ago comes back to threaten our present world A war beyond time An enemy beyond space A thriller beyond your wildest dreams Three areas on the Earth’s surface defy explanation the Bermuda Triangle the Devil’s Sea of Japan and a small region of Cambodia Inside these realms planes have disappeared ships have vanished and in Cambodia an entire civilization has been lost leaving behind Angkor Wat ATLANTIS In 1945 Training Flight 19 disappears in the Bermuda Triangle In 1963 the USS Thresher a nuclear submarine is lost under unusual circumstances part of a secret governme.

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