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  • Volatility Trading, + CD-ROM (Wiley Trading)
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  • 11 December 2018
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Volatility Trading, + CD-ROM (Wiley Trading) summary Ú 100 Atility trader Your goal Sinclair explains must be clearly defined and easily expressed if you cannot explain it in one sentence you probably aren't completely clear about what it is The same applies to your statistical edge If you do not know exactly what your edge is you shouldn't trade He shows how in addition to the numerical evaluation of a potential trade you should be able to identify and evaluate the reason why implied volatility is priced where it is that is why an edge exists This means it is also necessary to be on top of recent news stories sector trends and behavioral psychology Finally Sinclair underscores why trades ne. I imagine this book is just right for want to be uants but for the average independent retail investor it s a little head strong The introduction is beautifully written and promises little to do with math but so goes the promise The book is filled with deep math that takes a study in itself I would move my attention and did over to Timing Volatility Measure Fear and Greed to Get an Edge in the MarketBy Steven Place who keeps his promise to stay clear and simple keeping the reader engaged and educated with out the need for pretense My favorite line in Timing Volatility so far has been You can measure IV through a series of mathematical steps that are best left to trading platforms and undergraduate students What is important to understand is that each market has a uniue IV each stock has a uniue IV and each option has a uniue IV that s it It s not followed by 10 pages of cryptic formulas that prove the author is smarter than you Euan Sinclair I imagine is in a league all his own but his book will never be on the retail investor s shelves

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Volatility Trading, + CD-ROM (Wiley Trading) summary Ú 100 In Volatility Trading Sinclair offers you a uantitative model for measuring volatility in order to gain an edge in your everyday option trading endeavors With an accessible straightforward approach He guides traders through the basics of option pricing volatility measurement hedging money management and trade evaluation In addition Sinclair explains the often overlooked psychological aspects of trading revealing both how behavioral psychology can create market conditions traders can take advantage of and how it can lead them astray Psychological biases he asserts are probably the drivers behind most sources of edge available to a vol. I would give this three stars except I couldn t recommend this to anyone who isn t sure they want to read it I can only think of one friend I have for which this would be appropriate If you couldn t guess from the title it s about trading volatility primarily using options The author is a PhD in theoretical physics and it shows The writing is very much academic paper style and the whole thing reads like a math textbook including plenty of calculus and partial differential euations In addition there are typos littered throughout the book including the formulas so even if you wanted to use them you d have to be careful I believe there s online errata set up for the book but I m a little surprised this didn t get careful proofingNow that you ve been warned I will say that the author seems to really know what he s talking about and most of the advice is practical if you are the sort of person that wants to do what the author does I m not It s not introductory though and there are a lot of terms you ll have to learn somewhere else to make sense of author s spare text I do have to give him credit for discussing the Dunning Kruger effect though That s something that needs to be addressed in many professional contexts where people who don t know what they are doing can also participate

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Volatility Trading, + CD-ROM (Wiley Trading) summary Ú 100 Ed to be sized correctly which means that each trade is evaluated according to its projected return and risk in the overall context of your goals As the author concludes while we also need to pay attention to seemingly mundane things like having good execution software a comfortable office and getting enough sleep it is knowledge that is the ultimate source of edge So all else being eual the trader with the greater knowledge will be the successful This book and its companion CD ROM will provide that knowledge The CD ROM includes spreadsheets designed to help you forecast volatility and evaluate trades together with simulation engines. Without a doubt the best book on practical options trading methodologies I ve ever read Necessitates some degree of mathematical background primarily statistics but very light on the math compared with most options trading books